Industrial User

What "industrial user" means

Any user whose discharges, singly or by interaction with other wastes: contaminate the sludge of the wastewater treatment system, injure or interfere with the treatment process, create a public nuisance or hazard, have an adverse effect on the water’s receiving wastewater plant discharges, exceed normal domestic strength waste limitations, exceed normal residential unit volumes of wastewater.

What "normal domestic strength waste" means

Normal domestic strength waste means wastewater that is primarily introduced by residential users with BOD concentrations not greater than 150mg/L and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations not greater than 150 mg/L.

The City of Northfield has been delegated authority over Industrial Users by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Industrial Users are required to have a permit through the City of Northfield to make the users aware of the limits of discharges to the wastewater treatment system.

Forms and information

Industrial User Discharge Permit Application (PDF)

Industrial User Discharge Permit Instructions (PDF)

Industrial User Means (PDF)