Board & Commission Member Excellence Award

About the award

The City of Northfield Board & Commission Member Excellence Award provides recognition to an individual City board member or commissioner for accomplishments of outstanding worth in advancing and improving public service in the City of Northfield. 

Accomplishments that are eligible for consideration will vary widely in form and substance due to the many different board and commission responsibilities performed. They will be evaluated against criterion that examines gains achieved, overall impact of the accomplishment, and the environment in which the achievement took place.

Announcement of recipient

Board & Commission Member Excellence Award recipient will be announced and awarded at the annual State of the City Address.

Award benefits

  • $100.00 Chamber Gift Checks.
  • Name inscribed on a Board & Commission Member Excellence Award plaque that will be located at City Hall
  • Certificate of recognition from the Mayor and City Administrator
  • News release and photo of the recipient with the Mayor, City Council and City Administrator will be given to the local media for publication
  • Board & Commission Member Excellence Award recipient will be announced and awarded at the annual State of the City Address.
  • Board & Commission Member Excellence Award winner will be further recognized at the subsequent annual Board & Commission Appreciation Event


To be eligible for the Board & Commission Member Excellence Award program, a member must:

  • Board member or commissioner within the prior year of the current award period.
  • Past recipients are eligible five years after previous award (ex. 2020 Board & Commission Member Excellence Award winner will be eligible for the 2024 Board & Commission Member Excellence Award.)

Who may nominate

Any board member or commissioner.

Selection committee

The Council Employment Policy Committee, in consultation with the City Administrator, will select a board member or commissioner.

Criteria for selection

Selection is based on exceptional contributions to the City of Northfield, fellow employees, and the community in the following areas:

  • Performs their duties exceptionally well and takes initiative to go beyond expectations of their role.
  • Improves or enhances service and quality of work in ways that make a substantial difference for their respective commission or board.
  • Exemplifies professionalism, teamwork, and dedication.
  • Advocates for creative solutions to policy problems that exemplify the vision and mission of the City of Northfield and other related guiding documents (comprehensive plan, strategic plan, etc.)
  • Demonstrates a high ethical standard including a commitment to the Rules of Decorum and Rules of Order as adopted by the Northfield City Council.

Examples of criteria


  • Proactively notices needs and takes the initiative to meet those needs.
  • Regularly attends all meetings and is prepared.
  • Shares resources and collaborates with others to help the team succeed.
  • Willingly assumes additional responsibilities to advance the commission or board goals.
  • Suggests and/or implements new ideas that enhance internal or external communications.
  • Consistently shows support to colleagues and staff.

Customer service

  • Provides outstanding service at a consistently high level with board and commission members and the public.
  • Advocates for improvements that enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Serves as a role model through positive interactions with the public.
  • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


  • Leads by example, motives/inspires others to excel.
  • Serves as a mentor to fellow commissioners or board members.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Board/Commission Member Orientation Materials.
  • Demonstrates professionalism, integrity, and highly ethical behaviors.
  • Demonstrates significant organizational commitment.


  • Consistently provides exceptional, accurate, and professional work on projects, tasks, and assignments.
  • Takes initiative to make things better.
  • Suggests and/or implements new ideas that reduce costs, increase quality, increase productivity or save time.
  • Achieved a specific, extraordinary accomplishment for their respective commission or board.
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness in improving policy.

Deadline for nominations

February 5, 2023

Submitting nominations

Submit a nomination

Past recipients

Joe Gasior2022
Alice Thomas2021
Alan Anderson and Alex Miller2020
Dayna Norvold2019
Bonnie Jean Flom2018