Community Gardens

Community gardens are available to all residents of Northfield. The garden is located in Meadows Park in the southeast corner or Northfield. To learn more about Northfield’s gardening opportunity check the links or call 507-645-3050.

Rules and regulations

The City agrees to

  1. Till the garden plots prior to planting. 
  2. Stake out each plot and identify all plots by number. 
  3. Make water accessible to gardeners. (note: hoses may not be used) 

The community gardener agrees to 

  1. Supply my own seeds, organic fertilizer, water containers and tools for proper preparation and cultivation of crops. 
  2. Plant my garden no later than June 1. 
  3. Be a good gardening neighbor:
    1.  Limit activity by me and my family or guests to my personal plot only. 
    2. Park only in approved parking area. 
    3. Harvest produce from my garden plot only. 
    4. Help keep the area clean by removing paper and trash from the area. 
  4. Keep garden pests (weeds, insects and diseases) under control. Weeds are considered to be out of control if they are greater than 6 inches in height, flowering or going to seed. 
  5. Use only 100% organic fertilizers to amend the soils of your plot. Commercial chemical pesticides and fertilizers not certified organic for gardening are not to be used; this includes insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Some organic materials to use might include pheromone traps, horticulture oils, insecticidal soaps and hot pepper sprays. Biodegradable mulch such as compost, leaves, straw and hay are encouraged. Use of commercial chemical pesticides and fertilizers not certified organic for gardening is grounds for immediate forfeiture of your plot. The City does not guarantee the fertility of the soil or that soil is chemical free from previous users, nor does it recommend amending the soil at the end of the season as gardeners may not be assigned the same plot in future years. 
  6. Keep my fence, plants and produce within the boundaries of my rented plots (10’x20’ or 10’x10’). I understand that should my fence, plants or produce extend beyond my designated plot boundaries they may be removed, mowed over or plowed up. Fencing placed within plots but that leans out beyond plot boundaries is not allowed. 
  7. At the end of the season, clean up my garden; remove all manmade materials (including all weed blocking material, fences) but leave all plant materials in my plot. If any weed blocking materials (plastic, fabric, etc.) or other manmade materials remain in my plot after October 22, I the gardener, maybe prohibited for renting a garden plot with the City of Northfield in the future. 
  8. The community gardener shall keep his/her garden plot(s) cultivated and shall abide by the following restrictions: 
    1. No structure, other than protective fencing, shall be built on the premises. Individual gardens may be fenced with chicken wire no more than 4 feet in height to protect crops from animals. Only brown, green, gray or black fencing may be used. No portion of fencing may extend outside the plot boundaries (these boundaries will be designated by plot markers and wooden stakes). These markers and stakes should remain in place throughout the gardening season. 
    2. Garden tools may not be left unattended. 
    3. No tall growing trees shall be planted thereon. 
    4. No temporary fixtures, portable equipment, or materials shall be placed on the premises which may tend to create a nuisance. 
    5. No automobiles, trucks or trailers shall be parked on the premises, except in the designated parking area. 
    6. No use of the premises shall be made which tends to induce third persons to drive or trespass upon land adjacent to garden plots, or which give rise to bona fide objection to such use from area residents. 

Failure to abide by the rules and regulations may result in revocation of plot rental and/or be prohibited from renting a garden plot with the City in the future. The community gardener agrees to assume all liability and to indemnify and compensate the City for any injury or damage to persons or property or employees occasioned by or arising in connection with the use of the premises by the community gardener. The community gardener further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City against all actions, claims, damages or demands which may be brought or made against the City in the premises by reason of anything done by the community gardener, in the exercise or purported exercise of the rights and privileges herein granted. 

The City of Northfield assume no liability for accidents or injury to participants or others either on or adjacent to the garden area. The City does not assume responsibility for acts of vandalism or loss of crop due to theft.

I agree to abide by these conditions set forth for the Community Gardener. Applicant’s signature on the Garden Plot Application acknowledges receipt and agreement to abide by the conditions contained within this Community Gardens Rules and Regulations. Applicants must read and sign the waiver and release agreement.

Community Garden Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Community Gardens Waiver

Applying for a community garden

Community Garden Application