Schools and Education

Northfield enjoys a rich educational heritage dating to the establishment of its first school in 1856. Today, Northfield has a first-class public school system that offers progressive educational programs designed to maximize student success – including a wide range of honors and advanced placement educational opportunities and a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. In addition, private schools and public charter schools offer educational options for residents.

Early childhood education

Northfield Early Childhood Initiative Coalition (ECIC)

Kindergarten through high school

The Northfield Public Schools education takes place in six school buildings – three elementary schools serving approximately 1,600 students, a middle school and a high school.  A new elementary school was built in 2003 and a new middle school was completed in 2004. The high school was extensively remodeled and a new football field/stadium built in 2004. In 2019-20, the new Greenvale Park Elementary School was completed.

Arcadia School (Charter)

Northfield Public Schools

Prairie Creek Community School

St. Dominic School

Programs and partners

Northfield Reads

Northfield Promise

Northfield Youth Future

Graduation and success

The combination of progressive programs, quality teachers, improved facilities and a high level of community support has proven to be a success. Northfield Public Schools have a graduation rate 15 percentage points above the Minnesota average, with approximately 85% of graduating seniors moving on to post-secondary education.

Higher education

Northfield is home to two prominent liberal arts colleges – St. Olaf College (approximately 3000 students) and Carleton College (approximately 2000 students). Both are a valued part of the community, add to the cultural and artistic vitality of the City, and contribute to a strong and diverse local economy.

Carleton College

St. Olaf College

Adult education

Cannon Valley Elder Collegium (CVEC)

FiftyNorth (Northfield Senior Center)

Community education adult programs