Intercity Home Energy Challenge

Help us reduce our community's energy use and save energy

Help us reduce our community's energy use and save energy by joining the Intercity Challenge. Compete with your neighbors and other cities in Minnesota!

About the challenge

Northfield joined 20 other Minnesota cities to challenge our residents to increase their home energy efficiency with the Home Energy Squad. By learning more about your home's energy use, you can be better stewards of our resources and increase your home's comfort by making small improvements.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the city that completes the most number of visits per capita in 2021 to help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Each participating city is tracking their community's Home Energy Squad sign-ups. At the end of 2021, the city with the highest participation per capita wins. A traveling trophy will be on display for the winning city.

Current standings

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Our challenge to you

Sign up for a free virtual Home Energy Squad® visit this year to learn more about your home's energy use and opportunities to save.

Why sign up?

Many of us are spending more time at home and using more energy. A free virtual Home Energy Squad visit will help you learn how your home uses energy, reduce heating and cooling costs, improve comfort year-round and connect you with additional energy-saving resources.

Home Energy Squad visits

The Home Energy Squad is usually delivered as an in-person home visit. To help Minnesotans save energy and also meet customers at their comfort level, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy also offer free Virtual Home Energy Squad visits. During a virtual visit an energy consultant will guide customers on a walk-through assessment of their homes via video chat. Homeowners will receive energy saving tips to start saving energy right away and recommendations for next steps that may include an in-person visit and the installation of energy saving products.

Recognition will also be given to cities with the most air sealing and insulation rebates per capita. In 2021 we'll also highlight Community Champions in participating cities that go the extra mile to get residents engaged in saving energy.

About the Home Energy Squad

The Home Energy Squad is a joint program offered by Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy to help customers reduce energy use. To qualify for a visit, you must live in a single family, duplex, triplex or fourplex home, and be a Minnesota electric customer of Xcel Energy, and an Xcel Energy or CenterPoint Energy natural gas customer. Right now, to support Stay Safe MN, the Home Energy Squad is being offered as a virtual visit.

Signing up

Call 651-328-6220 to schedule your visit.

Join the challenge by signing up for a Home Energy Squad visit