2018 Bluff View Street and Utility Improvements Project


The Bluff View Street and Utility Improvements Project Includes:

  • Ford Street from 950 feet west of Maple Street to 1900 feet west of Maple Street
  • Aspen Street from Ford Street to 450 feet north

The Bluff View Street and Utility Improvements Project includes an approximate 950-foot extension of Ford Street, and an approximate 450-foot extension of Aspen Street. The developer has proposed three 4-plex townhome units, and 17 twin home units as part of the development.

The existing site is an undeveloped 10-acre site located in a general area east of Highway 246, and south of Jefferson Parkway. The site was rough graded back in the early 2000s as part of the original Southbridge Development. The site has been untouched since the original site grading.

The process began with the Northfield City Council ordering a feasibility study on April 20, 2021. The feasibility study examines the proposed street and utility improvements along these street corridors to determine whether the project as proposed is feasible, cost effective and necessary.

Maps, plans and files

Draft Plans May 13, 2021

Project process

The project process is the actions the City of Northfield utilizes for local improvements during project development. This step by step process includes opportunities for City Council and residents to provide input on the proposed project.

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