Pink Patch Project

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Overview of the campaign

Along with 700 law enforcement agencies nationwide, the Northfield Police Department participates in the Pink Patch Project. The Pink Patch Project is a campaign to increase public awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for the fight against the disease, through partnerships between the American Cancer Society and local law enforcement agencies.

As part of this campaign, uniformed Northfield Police officers are allowed to wear a vibrant pink version of the department patch on their uniform each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The change in uniform is intended to stimulate conversation with the community and to encourage public awareness about the importance of early detection and the on-going fight against this disease.

Beyond conversations, the Northfield Police department has unique ‘Pink Patch Project’ Northfield Police Patches and Pins available for purchase, with the proceeds going directly to cancer research and education through the American Cancer Society.

In 2022, Northfield Police will sell Pink Patches and pins during the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebrations. Please consider joining the Northfield Police Department and Pink Patch Project in the fight against cancer!

Items available

Arrest Breast Cancer Pins $12 - SOLD OUT

First NPD Patch $10

The Pink Patch as sold to the public hold no police authority and are meant to be used as a collectible item only.

The Northfield Police Department has the discretion to limit the number of patches purchased.

Pink handcuff pins $12

Shipping is $2 for all orders

Arrest Breast Cancer Pins $12 - SOLD OUT

2022 Arrest Breast Cancer, Unlock the Cure pin

Pink Handcuff Pins $12

2022 Pink Hand Cuff Pin

First NPD Patch $10

2022 Northfield Police's Pink Patch

Ordering items or donating

All proceeds will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society at the end of October.

Ordering items and donations can be done one of three ways:

  1. In-person at the Northfield Police Department, 1615 Riverview Drive, Northfield, MN 55057.
  2. Venmo: @Northfield-Police
  3. Mail a check to: Northfield Pink Patch Project, 1615 Riverview Drive, Northfield, MN 55057. Check should be made out to “American Cancer Society”.

Include the number of each item and total cost including shipping with a check or Venmo and note if there is any additional donation made.

Purchase items at the Defeat of Jesse James Days

The Northfield Police Department will have a table set up by the Northfield Police Command Van at 5th and Water streets from September 8 through 11, 2022 at various times throughout the day.

The Northfield Police Department will have a table set up at the Northfield Rodeo, Jesse James Arena, Babcock Park, Highway 3 South, during the Tribute to First Responders night on Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 7 to 10 p.m.

History of the campaign

The first known Pink Patches were worn by the Seal Beach Police Department in California in 2012 to raise funds for cancer awareness. They displayed the patches on their uniforms in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). The patches were sold to the public with the proceeds going to a cancer support organization. That first year they raised $3,000.

In 2015, in Los Angeles County, California, the Irwindale Police Department took the Seal Beach Police Department’s idea a step further and created the Pink Patch Project. They started a collaborative effort throughout Los Angeles County in which law enforcement officers wore Pink Patches on their uniforms and sold pink patch related items to the public to raise money for their chosen, cancer-specific organizations.

In 2017, the Rosemount Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in Minnesota to join the Pink Patch Project. The goal was to raise cancer awareness in the community. The sight of bright pink patches on dark uniforms stood out and was meant to be a conversation starter. It is a way to humanize the badge as nearly everyone is affected by cancer in some way.

In 2018, more than 300 agencies nationwide that have joined the Pink Patch Project.

In 2022, more than 700 agencies nationwide that have joined the Pink Patch Project.

In 2022, more than 30 agencies in Minnesota that have joined the pink Patch Project.

In 2022, the Northfield Police Department joined the Pink Patch Project.

Supplying the officers’ patches

Officers from the department use their own money to cover the cost of the first Pink Patches. On a voluntary basis, the officers had new uniforms made for the month of October, which included pink patches with the officer covering those costs as well.

More information

National Pink Patch Project - Northfield