Thank you, Northfield. We look forward to telling our story together.

Share your thoughts on brand strategy and follow the city's website and social media channels for additional engagement opportunities.

Branding survey

Northfield’s Branding Advisory Committee was created to help guide the community through the development of a new story: the story we tell ourselves about who we are as one Northfield, and how we display that to the rest of the world.

As our work progresses, there are plenty of engagement opportunities for the entire community. Today, we invite you to take part in this legacy project - help identify our beauty, diversity, economic, social, and personal connections that will impact Northfield’s future for years to come.

One of our first actions in this effort is to research public opinion through a short online survey.

Consider: What makes Northfield unique to you? Not necessarily what you’ve heard or what you think would be the “correct” answer - what is Northfield to you?

Your responses will be anonymous.

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