2022 TH 246 Corridor Study

The City of Northfield is conducting a corridor study on TH246 from TH3 in the City of Northfield City limits to CSAH 1. This study  consists of about 2.0 miles of urban and rural road sections. The purpose of this study is to improve safety and mobility along the corridor with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicyclists' needs that are in line with the current City of Northfield's adopted plans most notably the Complete Street Policy and the Pedestrian, Bike, and Trail System Plan.

The study is to include:

1. Traffic Data Collection
2. Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
3. Traffic Forecasting and Future Land Use and Development
4. Geometric Design Development
5. Utilities
6. Wetland Analysis
7. Right of Way Analysis

TH246 Scoping