The Investigations Division is made up of one sergeant, four investigators, and an evidence technician. Two investigators are assigned to general investigations, one is assigned to the multi-jurisdictional Cannon River Drug & Violent Offender Task Force, and one is a school resource officer.

As its name applies, the Investigations Division investigates crimes that occur within the City of Northfield. These crimes range from simple thefts to more complex assaults and crimes against persons. As fraud crimes are becoming more and more frequent, the investigators continually update their training to keep pace with technology.

School resource officer (SRO)

The school resource officer (SRO) is assigned to the Northfield Public Schools and handles most incidents that occur on school grounds. The SRO is also a DARE instructor and coordinates activities with the community and students.

Evidence technician

The evidence technician assists at crime scenes, records and stores all digital, audio, photographic evidence and physical property.

Crime information anonymous tip 411 line

For text message tips, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Start a new text message. Type 847411 for the phone number.
  2. Type RICECO in the message portion of the text.
  3. Type the crime information you have, be specific.
  4. Send!

Your message will be sent to Citizen Observer, Inc. and stripped of all identifying information. A local officer will receive your message and determine if Faribault Police, Northfield Police or the Rice County Sheriff’s Office will follow up. You may receive a text back. Don’t worry. It’s still anonymous! If you don’t, be assured your tip was received!

For emergencies call 911

As always, in the event of an actual emergency please call 911. If you wish to make a report or speak to an officer, please call the non-emergency dispatch line at 507-645-4475.