Rain Garden / Rain Barrels / Native Plant Rebate

The City of Northfield provides incentives for city property owners to enhance stormwater collection and infiltration. The Rain Barrel and Rain Garden incentive programs are reimbursement programs rather than grants.

Once the appropriate application and documentation is submitted to the city and approved, and the installation of the rain barrel or rain garden is verified, the city will issue a credit on the applicant’s utility bill.

All holders of utility accounts in the city are eligible to apply for the stormwater incentive programs.

Rain Barrel Incentive Program

Rain barrels are an easy way for residents and businesses to conserve water and reduce the amount of water leaving their property. Rain barrels collect water from roof downspouts and allow it to be reused to water gardens. Rainwater is also better for plants than tap water.

The Rain Barrel Rebate program encourages property owners to capture and reuse stormwater runoff by installing rain barrels. Property owners who buy and install a rain barrel can receive a $20 credit on their utility bill after sending in a completed rebate form along with a receipt of purchase and a staff visit to verify installation.

Rain Barrel Brochure

Rain Barrel Rebate Application Form

Rain Garden Incentive Program

The purpose of Northfield’s Rain Garden Cost Share program is to reduce stormwater pollution and localized flooding by encouraging Northfield property owners to install rain gardens. Through this program, participants receive a 50% reimbursement on the cost of rain garden materials and equipment rental up to a $250 maximum reimbursement. To apply, please fill out and return the application form linked below.

Properly designed, constructed, and maintained rain gardens have many benefits. Rain gardens are made by routing stormwater from a roof downspout, driveway, or sidewalk into a shallow depression that is planted with native plants. Rain gardens allow stormwater to infiltrate into the soil rather than running off into the street where it is rapidly channeled to the Cannon River through the city’s storm sewer system.

Infiltrating rainwater close to where it falls helps improve and protect the quality of lakes, rivers, and groundwater and reduces the load on the storm sewer system. Rain gardens provide many additional benefits such as adding beauty and value to each home and providing wildlife habitat to attract beneficial birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Rain Garden Brochure

Rain Garden Cost Share Application Form

Factors to consider when considering a rain garden

Native Plant Rebate Program

The Native Plant Rebate Program is designed to promote the growth and development of native plant communities in Northfield. The City of Northfield encourages the planting and establishment of native plant communities due to its positive impacts on pollinator organisms such as bees and butterflies and its ability to reduce stormwater pollution. Native plants have deep root systems that allow water to infiltrate into the ground instead of running over impervious surfaces collecting pollutants on it way to the Cannon River and other surface waters.

Participants who qualify for the Native Plant Rebate can receive a utility bill credit for 33% of the cost of the see, up to $75. The rebate will be distributed in the amounts of $25, $50, or $75.

If you are interested in participating in the Native Plant Rebate Program, stop by City Hall and pick up the registration form, brochure and approved plant list or print from the links below:

Native Plant Rebate Program Registration Form

Native Plant Rebate Brochure

Native Plant Rebate Approved Seed/Plant List

Water Conservation Rebate

The Water Conservation Rebate is an incentive for property owners to conserve water. Rebates are available for the cost of installing high efficient clothes washers, showerheads, toilets, valve toilets for commercial users and weather-based irrigation controllers.

Once the appropriate application and documents are submitted and approved, and the installation of the item is verified, the city will issue a credit on the applicant’s utility bill account.

All holders of utility accounts in the city are eligible to apply for the water conservation rebates.

Items that rebates are available

Rebates are available for the following items at the following rate:

  • Clothes washer - Energy Star Certified - $25 per unit
  • Showerheads - WaterSense® Label - $25 per unit
  • Toilets - WaterSense® Label - $50 per unit
  • Flushometer valve toilets for commercial use - WaterSense® Label - $50 per unit
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers - WaterSense® Label - $75 per controller

Water Conservation Rebate Form

Other resources

Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District

The Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District offers several free, educational workshops on rain gardens, native gardens, and shoreline plantings every spring and early summer. These introductory workshops and hands-on design courses are open to anyone, regardless of which county you live in. Residents of Dakota County (including those who live in the very northern tip of the City of Northfield) are also eligible to apply for Landscaping for Clean Water Grants from the Dakota SWCD, which include on-site technical assistance and a $250 reimbursement.

Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District services

Rice County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Rice County Soil and Water Conservation District offers different cost share/incentive programs to help reduce urban stormwater runoff. These programs are available to residents that live in the Rice County portion of Northfield.

See the list of Rice County cost/share incentive programs