Mariachi band performing at Hispanic Heritage Celebration in Central Park, Northfield 2022

A showmobile is a mobile stage that includes a canopy, stage and end panels that open.

The City of Northfield offers rental of a showmobile, limited to locations within the city.

Dimensions of the stage

The showmobile’s basic stage dimension is 24 fee by 13.5 feet. With additional staging, the total stage dimension is 40 feet by 20 feet.

Rental fees

Rental fees for the showmobile are based on desired stage dimension, type of organization renting the unit, travel and set up/take down time and length of event.


City staff will deliver the showmobile to the event location. Renters are required to have a representative on site at the time of set up.

Electrical requirements

The showmobile requires a 110-volt, 20-amp receptacle for lighting. If power supply is more than 200 feet from showmobile, the renter must provide a portable generator.


All showmobile renters are required to submit proof of insurance by submitting a Certificate of Liability Insurance, listing the City of Northfield as ’additional insured.’ Insurance is required to be in the amount of $1,500,000 per occurrence for general liability.

Reserving the showmobile

Showmobile Rental Agreement

Showmobile Reservation Form