Snow Plowing

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Help keep our city running during the Minnesota winter!

The City uses a number of winter-season policies to promote safety and efficiency during winter weather events. These policies aim to clear snow from streets, sidewalks, and trails so that students can get safely to school, residents can get to their homes and jobs, and local businesses can operate with as little disruption as possible.

Snow plowing on city streets

Once roughly two inches of snow has fallen, city snow plowing begins on primary snow emergency routes. After the main arteries in the city have been cleared, plowing begins in residential areas. Downtown snow removal, which involves clearing parking lanes and hauling snow out of the downtown, generally occurs between one and three days after a snow event.

Winter parking

Maintaining the plow schedule is top priority of the Public Services Department during winter months. Community members and visitors are asked to adhere to the posted no parking signs and the winter parking rules so snow removal activities can take place.

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State highways and county roads

MnDOT is responsible for plowing state highways 3, 19, and 246. The counties are responsible for the county roads. City plows may operate on some of these roads while traveling from one part of the city to another.


The City plows all bike trails and shared-use paths within the city limits. Once streets are plowed, then trails are plowed by City staff.

Winter policies

Learn more about the city's winter policies related to Snow Emergencies, winter parking regulations, and snow removal policies and regulations:

Shoveling and clearing private sidewalks/dumping-leaving public roadways is NOT ALLOWED

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City of Northfield Snow Policy

Reporting issues

You may report a snow shoveling violation or snowplowing issue or damage.

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