Sewer Backups

Common causes of backups

The most common causes of sewer backups are:

  • Invasive tree roots
  • Improperly disposed of items
  • Maintenance issues due to age

Sewer connections ownership and responsibility

Property owners own the sewer connection between private dwellings and the city’s sewer main system. Sewer backups are most often the responsibility of the property owner. 

Sewer backups may be caused by clogs in the city’s sewer system. The Utilities Division can be contacted to check the city’s sewer system for clogs. 

If it is determined that the problem is not in the city’s system, a plumber will need to be contacted by the homeowner to investigate a clog in the private system.

Reporting a problem

If there is no answer at the Utilities Division, please leave a brief message stating your phone number first (example: "507-645-3052, sewer backup").

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