Water Meter Information

water meter

Additional water meters

A second water meter may be installed in homes or businesses to measure outdoor water usage. This water usage is not included on wastewater utility charges.

Purchasing an additional water meter

  1. Contact a licensed plumber to install the water meter to your plumbing. The plumber usually purchases the water meter. Meters must be purchased from the City of Northfield Utility Billing Division. Proper installation is the responsibility of the owner.
  2. Contact the Utilities Division to schedule an inspection. An inspection is required after installation.
    • Utilities Division: 507-645-3051

Cost of an additional water meter

  • The meter costs $295 plus your plumber's installation fee
  • Monthly meter charge for each meter is $8.37; the additional meter will not include wastewater utility charges.

On your utility bill, meter readings from each meter will be reported separately.

See utility rates

Information your water meter provides

Your automated water meter provides a visual readout that indicates:

  • Water consumption
  • Rate of flow
  • Leak detection
  • Reverse flow detection

Activating and reading the digital display of the meter

These steps will help you read the meter information used to help troubleshoot water usage or leak issues.

  1. Activate the LCD readout by shining a flashlight on the sensor.
  2. The LCD readout starts up by turning all indicators on. The readout will then switch to normal mode in a few seconds. 
  3. Normal mode, the 9-digit display cycles every 6 seconds between rate-of-flow (cubic feet per minute) and current meter reading (cubic feet), both are measured to the thousandth of a cubic foot (0.000). To convert to gallons, multiply the cubic feet reading X 7.48.

Other indicators on the water meter

  • Flow Direction (Arrows)
    • Right arrow with “+” in the arrow – water is currently flowing normal.
    • Left arrow with “-“ in the arrow – water is currently flowing in the reverse direction. There is an issue if there is reverse water flow. Please call the City Utilities Department to help troubleshoot this issue.
    • Arrow symbol not on – no water flow is currently being detected.
  • Leak Indicator (Faucet Symbol)
    • Steady faucet symbol – indicates possible fulltime leak. 
    • Flashing faucet symbol – indicates intermittent leak. 
    • Faucet symbol not on – no leak is detected.

What information does your water meter provide? (PDF)

Automatic water meter reading system

The City of Northfield completed installation of a citywide automated water meter reading (AMR) system in 2011.

Benefits of a automated system

The automated system provides timely and accurate reporting of water usage each month versus manually entering individual meter readings for the monthly bills.

The AMR system allows the city to better track usage and trends, provide a means for leak detection, and further quantify conservation measures.