Buy a house

The Minnesota State Attorney General's Office has a publication that may be useful. 

Read the Home Buyer's Handbook (PDF).

  1. Ben Witt smiles outside his shop, complete with a large patio and freshly planted flowers.

    Cycles and community — Ben Witt’s connection to Northfield

    Heath Creek Cycles’ Owner Ben Witt grew up in Northfield. Now, with a wife and two kids, he cannot imagine living anywhere else. Ben Witt...
  2. Stormwater Poster Contest Laurel Benson First Place Winner Grade 2-3

    Winners of the 2022 Stormwater Pollution Poster Contest announced

    The Clean River Partners and the City of Northfield presented the winners of the 2022 Stormwater Pollution Poster Contest during the City Council meeting on June 7. Stormwater poster winners...
  3. Bruce Anderson

    Living as if climate change matters: building energy efficiency and electrification

    The gravity of the climate emergency the world faces was highlighted by the latest report released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report’s dire, consensus science-based predictions of extreme difficulty adapting to climate change Building energy efficiency and electrification...
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