Garbage and Recycling

  1. Cart sizes available

    Northfield residents have a choice for the size of the cart that best suit their disposal needs.

    Cart options20 gallon35 gallon64 gallon96 gallon
    Image20 gallon or 35 gallon cart20 gallon or 35 gallon cart64 gallon cart96 gallon cart
    Service availableGarbageGarbageGarbage, recyclingGarbage, recycling, yard waste
  1. Start or change service

    Contact the city to set up service and order your carts. Charges for garbage and yard waste collection services appear on monthly utility bills. 

    Fill out a Start or Change Service Request Form

  1. Placement of carts

    Place your carts (garbage, recycling and yard waste) on opposite sides of your driveway on the curb. Do no place carts in the street, or near mailboxes, trees, basketball hoops or other obstacles.