Police Reserves

Northfield Police Reserves

Northfield reserve officers are adult members of our community who volunteer their time to supplement the duties of our regular police officers. 


Reserves assist our regular licensed officers.

  • Assist with crime prevention
  • Provide security at Northfield High School events
  • Assist with crowd and traffic control
  • Ride along with full-time officers and assist them with daily calls
  • Provide security at large events like Defeat of Jesse James Days and St. Olaf College Christmas concert
  • Assist officers in a professional manner that represents the city
  • Attend various training throughout the year
  • Assist with natural disasters
  • Train as weather spotters
  • Other critical needs of the community

Equipment and uniform

Reserve officers do not carry guns, nor are they licensed peace officers. They wear a distinctive uniform from our regular licensed officers.


The reserve unit meets roughly once a month for specific trainings including defensive tactics, first aid, traffic operations, and more. 

Reserve officers are required to volunteer 50 event hours throughout the year and are mandated to work during the St. Olaf College Christmas Concert and the Defeat of Jesse James Days.


The reserve unit is directed by reserve coordinator Sergeant Kevin Tussing, Officer Isaac Dahl, Officer Dominic Milne, Officer Kelly Robinson and Officer Kyle Watkins.

There are several reserve unit leadership opportunities under supervision of Sergeant Kevin Tussing.

Required qualifications

You must:

  • Have a valid drivers license
  • Be a high school graduate
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass a full criminal background check


To apply to be a member of the police reserves, please fill out an application.

Fill out an application

More information

For more information regarding this unique volunteer opportunity please contact Sergeant Kevin Tussing.

  1. Kevin Tussing