Parking Tickets & Towing

Violations that may lead to a citation

Review the City Code for information regarding parking restrictions.

Sec. 78-102. Winter parking

Sec. 78-96. Prohibited parking

Sec. 78-97. Overtime parking

Sec 78-101. Parking during snow plowing emergencies

Appealing a parking citation

An appeal form is provided for citizens who have received a citation for a parking offense, a winter parking ban violation, or interfering with snow removal.

The process for appealing the citation is to provide information as to what occurred and your reasoning for a reduction or dismissal of the fine.

All appeals must be filed with the Northfield Police Department no later than 7 days from the date of the citation was issued for the appeal to be considered.

The 10-day increase in penalty is waived; there is no increase while waiting for an appeal decision.

To make an appeal for any parking citation you received:

  1. Print the Parking Citation Appeal Form (PDF),
  2. Complete all necessary information
  3. Return to the Northfield Police Department Information window in the front lobby, or simply mail the form directly to:

Northfield Police Department
1615 Riverview Drive
Northfield, MN 55057

Notification of decision

You will be notified by email (preferably), phone or letter as to the final decision of your appeal.


After receiving five consecutive parking violations, a vehicle will be towed per Minnesota statute. The towing company charges a towing fee plus a daily storage fee.

Additionally, any vehicles parked on the street at any time of day during a declared Snow Emergency will be towed.

Minnesota Statute 168B.035

Snow emergency

Steps to take if your car has been towed

  1. The registered owner needs to come to the Police Department and bring:
    • Identification
    • Proof of insurance
  2. You will pay any tickets at the Police Department and obtain a release form
  3. Bring the release form to the tow company and pay your tow related fees to retrieve your vehicle