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As a local government providing essential services, including police and fire emergency response, the city plays a primary role in any emergency -- a pandemic, natural disaster, local incident or homeland security threat. The blueprint Northfield uses to respond to all types of emergencies is the City’s Emergency Operations Plan.

Emergency plans provide a template for integrating and coordinating resources during and after an emergency. The process of creating and constantly updating an emergency plan leaves government better able to respond in an emergency because it requires that officials identify vulnerabilities, inventory resources, outline responsibilities and coordinate communication.

Local government will be on the front line in any emergency as it provides police and fire emergency response, water and sewer service and high priority public information. That is why Northfield keeps its plan current and trains regularly.

Family and businesses preparedness

Just as government is preparing, it’s important that families also develop preparedness plans. Take some time to think about what supplies your family would need in an emergency and how you would contact each other.

Businesses should also have up-to-date emergency plans.

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FEMA family planning guide for emergencies

FEMA has developed a family planning guide that will help you and your family prepare for emergency events on a larger scale. Download this guide to see what steps you can take ahead of time to help protect your family.

Planning Guide (PDF)


Anyone who is interested in signing up to be a volunteer during an emergency or after a natural disaster should go to Northfield Shares.

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