Community Event Sponsorship Request

Thank you for your interest in organizing a special event in Northfield!

It is only because of the vision, initiative, hard work and careful planning of many volunteers that our community is able to host so many interesting and enjoyable celebrations. These events are what make Northfield such a special place to live and to visit, and they are essential in building a sense of community. From Winter Walk to Defeat of Jesse James Days, from the Taste of Northfield to a bike parade on the 4th of July, our community loves to come together to have fun.

This information is designed to assist you in determining what steps you will need to take to make your event both safe and successful. Some key points to keep in mind:


A license is required for community and public events held on City property. Private events such as reunions, family celebrations, neighborhood parties, etc., are not included. This is to help with the scheduling of public spaces and resources. Applications must be received at least 45 days prior to your event to guarantee that it can be processed in time.

City support services

Depending on the nature of your event, support services from the City may be desired or necessary and may include a cost. Staff will determine estimated costs and provide you with this information. Depending on the location and type of event, refundable damage deposits may also be required.

Small events

For small events where no city support is necessary and there are low risk/exposure activities involved, (plant sale, animal adoption, community band, bike to work day, etc.) applicants need only complete the first page of the application, review and sign the application signature portion and return it to the City with a $25 fee payment.

Large events

If City services are required or if the event consists of multiple vendors, performers or other components such as moderate or high risk/exposure activities, the entire application should be completed. There is a $125 fee for the larger multifaceted events.

Grant program

In-kind financial support may be available through our Events Grant Program. Support for new events will be considered based on criteria determined by the City Council and awarded on a first come first served basis. Grants are limited and not all requests may be honored. 


Please complete and return with the application fee

Community Event Application (PDF) - Updated October 2023

Showmobile Reservation (if needed)

Temporary Liquor License (if needed)

Additional documents for your review

Community Event Policy (PDF)

Sample Waiver Form (PDF)

League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Rates and Eligibility Events (PDF)

Sample License Agreement (PDF)

Public Purpose Expenditure Information (PDF)