Complete Streets Policy


Pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, motorists, freight carriers, and emergency responders must be able to safely move along and across Northfield’s street network. The City of Northfield Complete Streets policy intends to ensure all streets within the city are planned, funded, designed, constructed, operated and maintained to safely accommodate users of all ages and abilities.


The purpose of this policy is to design surface transportation corridors that balance the needs of all users while implementing the principles of the Comprehensive Plan of enhancing Northfield’s sense of place and creating a highly connected multi-modal transportation network. As part of developing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure through the implementation of this Complete Streets, Northfield intends and expects to realize long-term cost savings in improved public health, better environmental stewardship, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced demand for motor vehicle infrastructure through the implementation of this Complete Streets policy. Complete Streets also contribute to walkable neighborhoods which can foster interaction, create a sense of community pride and improve quality of life.


  1. Incorporate the vision, purpose, and goals of this policy into all aspects of the project development process for surface transportation projects within the City of Northfield.
  2. Create a balanced, highly interconnected and attractive surface transportation network which is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Plan and other relevant policies of the City.
  3. Manage stormwater and improve Cannon River water quality by reducing impervious surfaces, narrowing street widths where suitable to the context, planting street trees, and, where appropriate, increasing stormwater infiltration along streets through the design of the public right-of-way.
  4. Promote the use of the latest and best “complete streets” design standards, principles, policies, and guidelines within the context of the community.

Additional information

Complete Streets Policy (PDF)

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