What are some of the most common code violations?
SIGNS - real estate, garage sale, and contractor signs placed on city right-of ways. (City staff collect hundreds of signs each year and deliver them to the Street Division at 1710 Riverview Drive at the rear of the building).
GARAGE SALES - garage sales are limited to three (3) consecutive days and not to exceed three (3) events per calendar year, per residence.
PARKING - motor vehicles parked on the street from 3 am to 6 am when space is available in the driveway. Parking on grass or lawn is prohibited.
GARBAGE CANS - containers must be stored inside a building or screened area or behind the front line of the principle building.
ABANDONED or JUNK VEHICLES - inoperable automobiles on private property for 90 days or more and have expired license tabs.
PUBLIC NUISANCES - examples include accumulation of debris/junk/pet feces and obstruction of public sidewalks and/or streets by tree limbs, bushes, building materials, vehicles, etc.
PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - buildings, structures and accessory structures not maintained in good repair.
WEEDS: Lawns that are more than 12” in height or contain noxious weeds must be mowed.
RIGHT OF WAY: Weed, grass, plantings may not exceed 30 inches in the City right of way. Trees in the right of way must be trimmed to a minimum height of eight feet. This is a visibility, safety requirement.

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