How can I get an application?
Each job posting on the website has an employment application attached. You can print the application from your computer, or stop in to the Human Resources office to pick up a copy.

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1. I want to apply for a job with the City. Is there an application deadline?
2. I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
3. How can I get an application?
4. Do I need to live in the City of Northfield to work there?
5. How do I know if I qualify for a position?
6. How will I be contacted regarding the status of the position I applied for?
7. Do I have to submit a separate application for each posting?
8. I applied for a job with the City last month. Can you just use the application I submitted then?
9. I don't see a job opening, but I would like to submit my resume so that I may be considered for a future opening.
10. What if I need an accommodation to apply for or perform a job?