Will the water be softened?

Yes, the water will be softened to roughly 90 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or what is considered moderately hard.

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1. Why does the City need to build a water treatment plant?
2. What treatment will the City water provide?
3. It seems like the treatment plant is very expensive, were there other options studied to provide safe drinking water for all residents?
4. Why was gravity filtration with reverse osmosis selected as the best treatment option for the City?
5. Did the City explore other treatment options, such as pressure filters, to remove iron and manganese?
6. Will the water be softened?
7. Do I need to further soften my water?
8. Will the water hardness level cause issues with my high efficient appliances or void their warranties?
9. When will the new water treatment plant be providing filtered and softened water to the Northfield properties?
10. When the water treatment plant becomes operational, will it cause water chemistry issues?