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Community Development

  1. Email Adam Hoffman
  2. Email Christina Burke
  3. Email Kari Bonde
  4. Email Mikayla Schmidt
  5. Email Nate Carlson
  6. Housing Rehab Waitlist

    The HRA supports homeownership through Single Family Rehab Loans, Aging In Place Grants, Mobile Home Rehab Forgivable Loans, and Down... More…

  7. Zoning Verification Letter
  1. Email Anna Watson
  2. Email Jake Reilly
  3. Email Melissa Hanson
  4. Email Mike Morehouse
  5. Email Revee Needham
  6. Temporary Sign Permit

Human Resources

  1. Email Human Resources
  2. Email Michelle Mahowald
  3. Upload a photo

    Do you have a photo of or around the City? Upload it here!

  1. Email Kathy Fredrickson
  2. Email the Webmaster

    For any site related questions, issues, comments, praises, or concerns please contact the Webmaster. We welcome your feedback. Thank... More…